My dog is exhausted in the summer heat!

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Your dog is excited about going for his daily walk, but by the time you get him outside in the summer heat, he’s exhausted and thirsty. Make sure that you bring a portable bowl and carry enough water supply for yourself and your dog. Your dog will last longer and be happier, and you can get a relaxing aerobic workout for yourself!

Be sure to keep track of their tails – if they are in the air and wagging, they are genuinely enjoying themselves, but if the tail is between their legs, they may be under duress and you may need to keep the walk light and ensure they are getting sufficient hydration.

What’s That Smell?

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It seems everybody knows about the importance of keeping your dog active and healthy with a good diet and exercise, but how important is grooming? Well believe it or not, a dog’s physical state on the outside can affect the way that your dog feels on the inside. Grooming is also more than just giving Spot a bath every now and then, this also includes their nails, ears, eyes, and their hair.  Dogs who are regularly groomed tend to have a healthier and shinier coat, as well as less temperamental personalities.. Grooming, like walking, can also be a great way for you and the whole family to bond with your dog. Now when deciding how to go about grooming you have two options.  One is you can either head over to a local pet salon and have them do it, although this is becoming expensive.  While It is a good idea to have a professional groomer pamper your pup once or twice a year, particularly after winter if you live in a cold climate.  In between visits though, there are some great things you can do from home.

Our friends over at Dog Names And More have compiled a great learning center for dog grooming including; Doggie Hair Cuts, Dog BathingCleaning Dog EarsDog Teeth Cleaning, and Dog Nail Clipping.  Check them out to lean more about the things you will need and want to keep in mind when grooming.

A New Addition.

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When it comes time for you to choose a dog, the most important decision to make is which breed of dog do you want? Today, there are over 400 different breeds of dogs in the world, and each is as different as the other.  In addition to all of these breeds there are also a number of “designer dogs” which are usually  combination of two purebred dogs.  Many of these dogs are bred for specific people who want to avoid a dog that sheds a lot, or are looking for a pup that will be more easily trained.  Also, outside of the realm of being a pet, there are shelters that house millions of dogs.  Beyond all of these, there is also your friend down the street who didn’t spay their dog so they also have a litter they are looking to get off their hands.
All of this means you have a lot of options when deciding on a pup.  The best place to start after figuring out if you are breed picky, is to consider your needs.  Do you have allergies?  Are you looking for a dog that wants to run with you?  What is your lifestyle like?  Answering a lot of questions about yourself will help you better understand the decision to get a dog, and will help you decide which breed might be right for you.  All of this in mind, I like to guide people towards the pound for a pet, but you should never let this decision be a pressured one.  If you have always wanted a Chow Chow, don’t let someone talk you into a German Sheppard just because it needs a home.  There are tons of dogs that need homes, and you can’t save them all, so save one that fits you!
If you choose to go the purebred route, make sure your breeder is reputable within the community.  Many breeders will stand by their pets, and do a much more in depth health screening before they are put up for adoption.  Whatever you choose, you are sure to find a good companion.  The important thing to keep in mind is your own lifestyle that you have, then do some research to find out what kinds of breeds would be best for you.

Dog Park Anyone?

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A great activity for every dog and their owner is heading down to the local dog park. Dog parks are a great place to meet new people, as well as let your best friend make a few new friends.

Not sure where to go? Our friends over at have you covered with a pretty good index of nationwide dog parks.  When you go out to though, it is also a good idea to keep a few simple things in mind.  First, Make sure your dog is immunized and healthy.  It can be very dangerous to have an unhealthy dog running around with other pups.  Next, keep an eye on the temperature and be careful about taking a female dog out in the heat. This can be very irresponsable especially if there are un-neutered males around. Also, keep in mind that every park is a bit different so check the posted rules at each park before entering, and don’t forget to clean up after your pet!

Does your walk feel like a chore? Mix it up!

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Has your walk become a chore?  A walk with your pet is a great chance for you to spend some time together, as well as get a little bit of exercise.  Most people I talk to take their pups out a few times a day down the same path every time, and they don’t know why they aren’t enjoying walking as much as they used to.  One way that I like to mix it up is to go a different direction every time I go out.  When you go in a different direction every time, it makes the walk seem like less of a routine and more of an experience.  Other ways to mix up your walk is to change your pace.  Been trying to get more exercise?  Why not go for a run with pet?  You will be surprised how much more energy you both have if you do this for just 15min twice a week.  Plus, with summer quickly coming upon us this is a great way to shed those few extra pounds and get ready for beach season :) .

Splash Magazine recommends the EzLeash this Valentines Day

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EzLeash’s line of pet leashes and harnesses was featured in the Valentines Day gift guide for Splash Magazine. treat your dog (or cat) to a great new leash this Valentines day. check out the full article at

EzHarness Demo video

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EzHarness Demo Video from EzLeash on Vimeo.

Check out the new EzHarness demo video!

Small dog? Protect Their Neck!

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We all know traditional dog collars and leashes pose some danger, particularly if the collar is to thin, but now there are many reports saying that if your dog does pull, a dog harness like the ezharness is the best alternative. If you have a small dog, a collar can not only cause discomfort, but also restrict breathing. For small dogs, harnesses are always the best choice when you go out for a walk. Not only will they relieve them of neck pain, but when the dog starts to pull, the weight is evenly distributed throughout the dogs shoulders. Learn about the EzHarness and how it can help protect your furry friend!

Fortune Magazine “The Canine Designer”

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Nicholas Aretakis recently sat down with Fortune magazine to discuss life after work, and the beginning of EzLeash. He talked about how the EzLeash line of dog leashes was inspired by his love for dogs, the danger of traditional leashes, and his Jack Russell terrier. Jack Russell’s are strong for their size and will sometimes pull so hard on a conventional collar that they damage their own tracheas. Also, Aretakis explained about how their necks are the same width as their heads, which means they have a maddening tendency to slip out of their collars and go tearing off. To read the full article, click here.

EzHarness on

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Nicholas Aretakis, EzLeash founder, was featured on recently talking about the EzHarness. The article focused on Research by Swedish behaviorist Anders Hallgren that showed 63 percent of dogs whose spines were X-rayed for a study had spinal injuries. Of the dogs with neck (cervical) injuries, 91 percent had experienced harsh jerks on their leashes or were serious leash strainers. This is a serious problem when walking your dog, and this was part of the motivation to create the EzHarness pet harness.

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