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When it comes time for you to choose a dog, the most important decision to make is which breed of dog do you want? Today, there are over 400 different breeds of dogs in the world, and each is as different as the other.  In addition to all of these breeds there are also a number of “designer dogs” which are usually  combination of two purebred dogs.  Many of these dogs are bred for specific people who want to avoid a dog that sheds a lot, or are looking for a pup that will be more easily trained.  Also, outside of the realm of being a pet, there are shelters that house millions of dogs.  Beyond all of these, there is also your friend down the street who didn’t spay their dog so they also have a litter they are looking to get off their hands.
All of this means you have a lot of options when deciding on a pup.  The best place to start after figuring out if you are breed picky, is to consider your needs.  Do you have allergies?  Are you looking for a dog that wants to run with you?  What is your lifestyle like?  Answering a lot of questions about yourself will help you better understand the decision to get a dog, and will help you decide which breed might be right for you.  All of this in mind, I like to guide people towards the pound for a pet, but you should never let this decision be a pressured one.  If you have always wanted a Chow Chow, don’t let someone talk you into a German Sheppard just because it needs a home.  There are tons of dogs that need homes, and you can’t save them all, so save one that fits you!
If you choose to go the purebred route, make sure your breeder is reputable within the community.  Many breeders will stand by their pets, and do a much more in depth health screening before they are put up for adoption.  Whatever you choose, you are sure to find a good companion.  The important thing to keep in mind is your own lifestyle that you have, then do some research to find out what kinds of breeds would be best for you.
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