Does your walk feel like a chore? Mix it up!

March 15th, 2010 by admin Leave a reply »

Has your walk become a chore?  A walk with your pet is a great chance for you to spend some time together, as well as get a little bit of exercise.  Most people I talk to take their pups out a few times a day down the same path every time, and they don’t know why they aren’t enjoying walking as much as they used to.  One way that I like to mix it up is to go a different direction every time I go out.  When you go in a different direction every time, it makes the walk seem like less of a routine and more of an experience.  Other ways to mix up your walk is to change your pace.  Been trying to get more exercise?  Why not go for a run with pet?  You will be surprised how much more energy you both have if you do this for just 15min twice a week.  Plus, with summer quickly coming upon us this is a great way to shed those few extra pounds and get ready for beach season :) .
  • nancy

    It’s always the case with these sort of things,you’ll hear one and be like ‘how come I never thought of that!’. I shall pop right over now and check it out.

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