What’s That Smell?

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It seems everybody knows about the importance of keeping your dog active and healthy with a good diet and exercise, but how important is grooming? Well believe it or not, a dog’s physical state on the outside can affect the way that your dog feels on the inside. Grooming is also more than just giving Spot a bath every now and then, this also includes their nails, ears, eyes, and their hair.  Dogs who are regularly groomed tend to have a healthier and shinier coat, as well as less temperamental personalities.. Grooming, like walking, can also be a great way for you and the whole family to bond with your dog. Now when deciding how to go about grooming you have two options.  One is you can either head over to a local pet salon and have them do it, although this is becoming expensive.  While It is a good idea to have a professional groomer pamper your pup once or twice a year, particularly after winter if you live in a cold climate.  In between visits though, there are some great things you can do from home.

Our friends over at Dog Names And More have compiled a great learning center for dog grooming including; Doggie Hair Cuts, Dog BathingCleaning Dog EarsDog Teeth Cleaning, and Dog Nail Clipping.  Check them out to lean more about the things you will need and want to keep in mind when grooming.

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